Inspire360 Terms of Use


Live Better provides a breakdown of what’s included on the course landing page.


To reserve your spot on our trips course head to the purchase page and we’ll be in touch about the next steps and getting access to the course. Your spot is only reserved with a full payment. Payments are non-refundable.


All prices are per/person USD.

A $500 non-refundable fee secures your spot to experience the online course and digital community.

If your payment is declined during the automatic payment process and we do not hear from you within 7 days to update/change/cancel your credit card information, Live Better reserves the right to forfeit your spot.


In the rare case of a cancellation on the part of Live Better we will offer a transfer to another Live Better experience or a full refund of your funds.


By agreeing to the terms outlined here and elsewhere on the Live Better website I hereby release and discharge my rights and claims for damages or liabilities that may occur as a result of participation on a Live Better course, including but not limited to damages as a result of unexpected occurrences including those from weather, local political situations, wildlife or uncontrollable acts, including the risk of death. I release Live Better including its owners, directors, employees, guides, yoga teachers and partners from liability for personal injury, illness, emotional damage, incurred travel expenses or property damage I may incur as a result of participation on this trip.

For the benefit of everyone experiencing the course and digital community, Live Better reserves the right to accept or reject any participant at any time without liability, and in the event it determines, in its sole and exclusive discretion, that a participant is disruptive to the harmony of the group, it may without any obligation to pay a refund or any other amount whatsoever, expel such participant from the course. Live Better will carry no responsibility or liability for any participant who leaves the course prior to its conclusion or for any activity undertaken by any participant which is not included on the course modules.

You hereby grant Live Better and its agents, suppliers, vendors, and similar third-parties, including Photographers, a worldwide, royalty-free, perpetual license to use, re-use, distribute, display, create derivative works of, and reproduce any images, photos, or videos, testimonials that You provide to Live Better (whether directly or through a photo sharing service) (collectively, “Your Images”) in any medium, including but not limited to print, electronic media, or Internet, free of charge and without Your right to inspection, for any purpose, including to promote and publicize Live Betters’ course products and services worldwide.