Live Better Mindset Master Class

Welcome to the Live Better Mindset Master Class! At Live Better, we offer a mindset that creates the conditions to design a healthy lifestyle and live better.⁠ We believe mindset is the foundation to everything. Self-discipline, EQ development, mental skills, and managing stress are underlying factors in personal development.

This 6-week course is the key to unlocking your potential, shifting your mindset and achieving your goals.⁠ You’ll be guided through a series of videos, workshops, and meditations, all complete with one-on-one support from the Live Better Team.⁠ Each phase in our course includes five video lessons, accompanying workshops and exercises, as well as a lesson-related meditation.

The program builds a repeatable framework for becoming mentally resilient, learning to communicate and manage stress, and taking control of personal development. Topics include strategies like goal setting, developing core values, mind-mapping, prioritization, building routines, and achieving peak performance.⁠ Our course includes a certificate of achievement recognizing growth, self-development and a mindset shift.